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Discovery Physical Therapy


Lymphedema is a condition in which the lymphatic system is compromised causing swelling in the arms, legs, genitalia, head, or neck. Lymphedema is unlike normal swelling and can become chronic. It can be caused by a variety of things including:

  • trauma
  • surgery
  • surgical intervention to remove lymph nodes for breast and other cancers
  • infection
  • radiation treatment

Physical therapists with special training can help control and manage lymphedema through decongestive therapy. While there is no cure for lymphedema, it can be managed through a combination of early detection, clinical treatment, patient education, and home management. Treatment options can include:

  • manual lymphatic drainage (which feels like a light form of massage)
  • compression bandaging
  • skin care
  • exercises to improve cardiovascular heath
  • patient education
  • garment fitting

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