Pelvic Health

If you are struggling with pelvic pain or problems with bowel, bladder and sexual function, you are not alone. We understand that these problems can be hard to talk about. We are here to listen and offer solutions. We can help.

What We Treat

Male Pelvic Pain
    Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome/Male Pelvic Pain, Nonbacterial Chronic Prostatitis, Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome, Pudendal Neuralgia, Tailbone Pain/Coccydynia, Sacral Pain, Abdominal and Groin Pain, Testicular Pain, Perineal Pain, Penile Pain, Proctalgia Fugax/Anal/Rectal Pain

Female Pelvic Pain
    Vulvodynia/Vestibulodynia, Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome, Pudendal Neuralgia, Endometriosis, Clitoral Pain, Tailbone Pain/Coccydynia, Abdominal Pain, Sacral Pain, Anal/Rectal Pain, Dyspareunia/Pain With Intercourse, Dyssynergia

Bladder Urgency

Urine and Fecal Leakage

Bowel Dysfunction
  • Constipation
  • Urgency
  • Pain with Bowel Movements
  • Difficulty Emptying

Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Urethrocele
  • Cystocele
  • Rectocele
  • Uterine Prolapse

Post-Surgical Rehab
  • Pelvic reconstruction - Cystocele/Rectocele/Uterine prolapse/Urethrocele
  • Prostatectomy - Incontinence, Bowel Dysfunction, Pelvic Pain
  • Pudendal Nerve Decompression
  • Laparotomy/Laparoscopy - Endometriosis & Hysterectomy
  • Cesarean section
  • Vestibulectomy
  • Hernia Repair

How We Help

  • Helping you understand how your body works and how to help it work better.
  • Optimizing Muscle, Joint, and Nerve Function
  • Scar Mobilization
  • Restoring Postural Alignment and Movement Patterns
  • Establishing Healthy Bowel and Bladder Habits
  • Improving Voiding and Elimination Mechanics
  • Biofeedback

Give us a call. We can help. Find out how with a free 15 minute consultation.

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  • Twice I have avoided surgery and instead have enjoyed an action plan of healing and strengthening my body through guided movement.  Angels without wings work here sharing healing, wisdom, encouragement and joy.  Thank you Discovery Physical Therapy!