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Max Selisch

Max Selisch, PT

Functional Movement Assessment and Exercise Prescription, Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Pain Neuroscience Education and Management, Rehabilitation of the Spine and Extremities, Post­Operative and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

Max has over 20 years of experience in private practice orthopedic manual therapy having served in various capacities as clinic owner, director, and clinician. He has lived and practiced in Port Townsend for 17 of those years. Max has a strong background manual therapy for the spine and extremities with certifications in functional movement assessment and exercise. Another clinical interest of his is therapeutic pain neuroscience. His eclectic clinical style serves to educate, enable, and empower his patients to take control of their pain and dysfunction and to adopt an active role in restoring and improving their overall quality of life regardless of age or ability.

Max lives with his wife of 27 years in Cape George and has two children in college. He grew up in Bend, Oregon and, as a result, has a deep love for the outdoors having, at one time, been both a professional skier and river guide. He continues to enjoy those activities as well as hiking, backpacking, biking, and running. He brings this lifestyle to his clinical work and seeks to make the sessions with him educational, fun, and, most of all, painless.

Education: Bachelor of Science, The University of Montana

Professional Associations: Applied Functional Science, Functional Movement Assessment, and Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Kinesiological Taping

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